Thank you so much to those who attended our April 2023 performances, and those who wished they could be there. Below is our eProgram as it appeared in April of 2023’s The Sedition Edition. Look for more photos and archives of this and other past performances to sprout up over the next few months. If you would more information to join Hexagon as a member, please click JOIN in the menu above. Enjoy!

Our 2023 program Table of Contents:

A Message from Hexagon’s President  •   Board of Directors   •   Scenes and Music   •  Newsbreak Guests   •   Cast   •   Orchestra   •    Writers, Lyricists, & Composers   •   Artistic Team   •   Production: Designers and Crews & Teams   •   Front of House   •   Sponsors   •   Special Thanks   •   In Memoriam   •   Show Photos


Hexagon 2023: The Sedition Edition


A Message from Hexagon’s President

Our Renewed Commitment
Welcome to Hexagon’s 2023 show, The Sedition Edition! We are excited to finally be back with you live in the theatre.

Hexagon has entertained thousands of people since 1956 and donated more than $4 million to over 50 humanitarian organizations. But, like everyone, our organization has definitely been impacted by the pandemic. We do not have a specific beneficiary this year, as we are working to rebuild, so that we can continue entertaining audiences as Washington’s only original, political, satirical, musical, comedy revue and renew our commitment to our charitable mission – for years to come.

Thanks to the wonderful contributions of our talented volunteer writers, composers, musicians, cast, crew, and others, today we present some classic favorites along with new songs and skits that will hopefully leave you laughing.

If you love the show and want to contribute to keeping this mission-driven musical theatre going in the DC metro community, please consider joining us as a Hexagon member or making a donation. Our mission is to use theater arts to help improve the lives of others within our community. Hexagon membership allows you the chance to use your creativity – perform, design, write, compose, learn and apply technical theatre skills, and make new friends. Go to to find out more.

Thank you very much for joining us and for your support over all these years. Please enjoy the show!

Jackie Williams,
Hexagon 2021—2023


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2023 Board of Directors (as posted for this production)

Jackie Williams  President

Ginny Gibson Stahl   Audience Relations VP

Lee Zahnow   Production VP

Matthew Datcher  Member Services VP

Eugene Tighe  Marketing VP

Gyr Turshen   Beneficiary VP & Treasurer

Doug Samuelson  Secretary

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Scenes and Music

Kick Prelude Videographer: Karl Weaver,

Sedition Edition Lyricist, Composer, Writer & Arranger: Brock Holmes,
The Cast

Quibble and Feud Writer: Neil McElroy,
Allie Heiman, Jamie Sinks

What Did I Learn In School Lyricist: Nick Zill, Composer: Jon Nowick, Arranger: Porter Lyon,
Geoff Baskir, Lucy Hurlbut, Karen Pedone, Daniel Riker

Betrayed Lyricist & Composer: Phyllis Gerstell, Arranger: Sue Mason McElroy,
Gary Schneider; Lucy Hurlbut, Ellen Kaplan, Jennifer Strand

Dismal Swamp Writer: Kenneth McLeod,
Geoff Baskir, Karen Pedone, Daniel Riker, Jamie Sinks, Gyr Turshen

Newsbreak 1
Guests as announced for the evening

Song of Silence Lyricist: Neil McElroy, Composer & Arranger: Sue Mason McElroy,
Geoff Baskir; Sharon Clark-Napolitano, Allie Heiman, Lucy Hurlbut, Karen Pedone, Daniel Riker, Gyr Turshen

Blah Blah Blah Lyricist: Susan Trausch, Composer: Lanny Davis, Arranger: Sue Mason McElroy,
Ellen Kaplan, Neil McElroy, Gary Schneider, Jamie Sinks, Jennifer Strand

Gravity and Levity Writer: Daniel Riker,
Daniel Riker

Pickleball U.S.A. Lyricist: Gyr Turshen, Composers: Brian Wilson & Chuck Berry (Surfin’ USA), Arranger: Porter Lyon,
Sharon Clark-Napolitano, Lucy Hurlbut, Ellen Kaplan, Karen Pedone, Gary Schneider, Gyr Turshen

Mine is Bigger Than Yours Lyricist: George Krumhbaar, Composer & Arranger: Sue Mason McElroy,
Geoff Baskir, Allie Heiman, George Krumbhaar, Neil McElroy

Here Lies George Lyricist: Rick Horowitz, Composer & Arranger: Walt Gilbert,
Allie Heiman; Sharon Clark-Napolitano, Lucy Hurlbut, Ellen Kaplan, Jamie Sinks

Rhumba with my Roomba Lyricist: Gyr Turshen, Composer & Arranger: Brock Holmes,
Gyr Turshen; Karen Pedone, Jennifer Strand

L’Enfant Terrible Writer: Jim McKnight,
Geoff Baskir, Allie Heiman, Daniel Riker

Rip It Up? Patch It Up! Lyricist: Rick Horowitz, Composers: Jon Nowick and Rick Horowitz, Arranger: Porter Lyon,
Ellen Kaplan, Jamie Sinks, Gyr Turshen

Book Club – Morning Writer: Neil McElroy
Geoff Baskir, Sharon Clark-Napolitano, Allie Heiman, Lucy Hurlbut

Bolden Girls ‘23: Another Day in Paradise Writer: Cathy Carpousis,
Ellen Kaplan, Karen Pedone, Jennifer Strand, Gyr Turshen

Fauci Tango Lyricist: Kathy Meyer Jeffers, Composer & Arranger: Walt Gilbert,
Ellen Kaplan, Karen Pedone, Jennifer Strand, Gyr Turshen

Book Club – Afternoon Writer: Neil McElroy,
Geoff Baskir, Allie Heiman, Lucy Hurlbut, Daniel Riker

AARP Lyricist: Kathy Meyer Jeffers, Composers: Jacques Morali & Victor Willis (Y.M.C.A.), Arranger: Porter Lyon,
Ellen Kaplan, Karen Pedone, Jamie Sinks, Jennifer Strand

Up Up and Oy Vey Lyricist & Writer: Rick Horowitz, Composer: Jimmy Webb (Up, Up and Away), Arranger: Porter Lyon,
Geoff Baskir, Sharon Clark-Napolitano, Lucy Hurlbut, Ellen Kaplan, Daniel Riker, Jamie Sinks, Jennifer Strand, Gyr Turshen

Newbreak 2
Guests as announced for the evening

Goodbye, Goodbye Lyricist: Cynthia Haney, Composer & Arranger: Doug Maurer,
The Cast

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Newsbreak Guests

Fri. April 21 at 8 p.m.
Christine Brennan USA Today

Sat. April 22 at 3 p.m.
Jim Lokay Fox 5
John Aaron WTOP

Sat. April 22 at 8 p.m.
Tony Perkins NBC4
Jackie Williams President, Hexagon

Sun. April 23 at 3 p.m.
Brock Holmes Middle C Music
Neil McElroy Hexagon

Thu. April 27 at 8 p.m.
Leon Harris NBC4
Neil McElroy Hexagon

Fri. April 28 at 8 p.m.
Brock Holmes Middle C Music
Michael Bruno Aviation Week

Sat. April 29 at 3 p.m.
Christine Brennan USA Today
Eugene Tighe

Sat. April 29 at 8 p.m.
Shawn Anderson WTOP
Hillary Howard WTOP

Eugene Tighe Newsbreak Guest Manager


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Geoffrey Baskir
Sharon Clark-Napolitano
Allie Heiman
Lucy Hurlbut
Ellen Kaplan
Karen Pedone
Daniel Riker
Gary Schneider
Jamie Sinks
Jennifer Strand
Gyr Turshen
George Krumbhaar (cameo)
Neil McElroy (cameo, voice-over)
Doug Samuelson (voice-over)

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  Sue Mason McElroy  Piano
  Kathy Hurld  Bass
  Fred Talcott  Bass
  Neil McElroy  Drums


Writers, Lyricists, & Composers


David Arkema

Geoff Baskir

Cathy Carpousis

Emily Crook

Sara Fitzgerald

Walt Gilbert

Brock Holmes

Lucy Hurlbut

Kathy Meyer Jeffers

Sue Johnson

Eileen Joyner

George Krumbhaar

Neil McElroy

Sue McElroy

Keneth McLeod

Jon Nowick

Mark Rathman

Alan Saltman

Chuck Smith

Gyr Turshen

Adrian Verkouteren

Tom Whitaker

Steve Wolf

Nick Zill

Roy Zimmerman

Newsbreak Contributors:

Geoff Baskir

Judy Ebner

Eric A Eisen

Rick Horowitz

George Krumbhaar

Neil McElroy

Kenneth McLeod

Rick Present

Mike Resser

Doug Samuelson

Gary Schneider

Ira Shorr

Steve Wolf

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Artistic Team


Jennifer Strand   Director
Gyr Turshen   Music Co-Director
Sue Mason McElroy   Music Co-Director
Teri Allred  Mistress of Movement
Judy (Jude) Ebner   Advisor to the Director
Neil McElroy  Materials Coordinator
Robert Teachout  Stage Manager
Lee Zahnow   Production VP


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Production: Designers and Crews and Teams


George Sinks Technical Director
Dave Means Set and Artistic Designer
Don Slater Lighting Designer
Matthew Datcher Sound Designer
Matt Mills Video Designer
Cathy Dunn Make-Up & Wigs Designer
Karen Pedone Costume Co-Designer
Jamie Breckenridge Costume Co-Designer
Lauren-Nicole Gabel & Jessa Gabel Properties Co-Designers
Steve Wolf “The Sedition Edition” Logo Design
Lee Zahnow Production VP

Set Construction & Painting Volunteers:
George Sinks Technical Director

Bill Rippey Master Carpenter

Eleanor Burdeshaw Dicks

Joe Durso

Rob Gale

Robin Gold

Ernst Harmse

Dottie Holmgren

Kerry Marks

Dave Means

Peter Nerenstone

Mike Resser

George Sinks

Doug Samuelson

Susan Stern

 Bill Wisniewski

Stage Crew:
George Sinks Stage Crew Chief

  Bill Rippey Master Carpenter

  Joe Durso

Carmine Napolitano

Judy Smith


Lighting Crew:
Peter Nerenstone, Manager

 Alice Drew

 Mike Resser

Ed Vilade


Sound Crew:

Jon Grover, Operator

Body Mics
Ann Lung, Manager

Katie Meskill

Judy Smith


Costume Crew:

Karen Pedone, Costume Manager

  Jamie Breckenridge

Gyr Turshen

Linda Wilson & Eleanor Burdeshaw Dicks, Assisting

Make-up & Wigs Crew:
Cathy Dunn, Manager

Clare Palace & Linda Wilson


Props Crew:

Robin Gold, Manager

Carol Newell

Cristen Stephansky

Jackie Williams


Stage Management Team:
Robert Teachout, Stage Manager (SM)

Dina Green, Assistant Stage Manager

George Krumbhaar, Assistant Stage Manager

Doug Samuelson, Assistant to the SM


Program Committee:

Robin Gold

Neil McElroy

Cristen Stephansky

Jennifer Strand

Gene Tighe

Gyr Turshen

Lee Zahnow


Steve Wolf, Design and Layout


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Front of House:

  Ginny Gibson Stahl Audience Relations VP
  David Stahl House Co-Manager
  Charles Williams House Co-Manager


Bernie Cohen

Charles Williams

Dave Stahl

Ginny Gibson

Jane Stieber

Julia Frank

Jim Jeffers

Kathy Meyer Jeffers

Maynard Moore

Midge Holmes

Mike Rubin

Rachel Waldstein

Rob Gale

Sonya Sobrian

Woody Woodruff


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Navigation Wealth Management
A private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC
Chris Shiring and Thomas Kenyon
8484 Westpark Drive, Suite 710 McLean, VA 22102
Office: 301-310-7288 • Fax: 301-547-3177Gary Schneider (Sponsor for  both 2019 & 2023)
Gyr Turshen

“In memory of Ethan Allen Turshen and Joe Kaplan”


George Krumbhaar and Lee A. Zahnow

“In honor of all who are Hexagon”


Owen P. Curtis
Transportation Consultant
Curtis Transportation Consulting LLC
5465 Fillmore Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22311-1348
Phone 703-820-9229 • Mobile 703-608-0540
“In honor of Bill Wisniewski and Jennifer Strand”
Jamie Breckenridge

Karen Pedone

Judy Smith

Cristen Stephansky

Irene Upshur



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Special Thanks

Colonial Players

Montgomery College Cultural Arts Center (MCCAC) Staff

The British Players



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In Memoriam

These men and women are among those who labored and laughed in past Hexagon shows and/or Boards during these 67 years. They helped spread laughter and good works. We miss them, and we honor their memory. Names shown in bold are members we lost since our last show.

Rose Marie O’Neal Akin
Gary Aikin
Rick Albani
Tandyn Almer
Phil Alperson
Lou Armelin
Bill Askin
Charlie Atherton
Jess Barnett
Bill Barry
Howard Bennett
Jesse Blatt
Theodore ‘Ted’ Blumenstock
Lloyd Bowling
Jim Bradfield
Paul Joseph Buchbinder
Al Bullock
Jim Burns
Suzanne (Rogers) Bush
Patrick Butters
Al Cherry
Mary Elizabeth Clare
Celeste Clark
Ed Coffey
Edward M. Cohen
Leila Cohen
Frank Colcord
Adrian Cronauer
James Cronin
Paul Danaceau
Marion Davidson
Marilyn Dicus
Joshua Dorsey
Bob Dreher
Bond Easley
Kathryn Etherton
Ayun Fedorcha
Michael Felish
Greg Finch
Ken Finch
Robert E. Finnin, Jr.
Lucille Joan Frohling
Ron Gabriel
Ana H. Gilbert
Mark Goldberg
Ellie Gossman
Shirley Grossman
Cynthia Haney
Syd Harwood
Tony Hass
Jim Holland
Nina McGlinn Holman
Mimsy Holmes
Seymour Horowitz
Jane Campbell Hutchison
Charles F. Ilsley
Gigi Ingram
Freddie Isaia
Tim Jecko
Reginald Johnson
Sue O’Neill Johnson
Wynn Kal
Joe Kaplan
Bill Karukas
David Katz
Marguerite Manning Katz
John G. Keller
Allen Kitchens
Lynne Kleyla
Donna Koltes
Mary Jo Kopechne
Julius Kopit
Sally Jo (Moore) L’Hommedieu
Sam L’Hommedieu
Sheila Sheldon Lanahan
Louis Levy
Arnie Levine
Don Libretta
Judith Litt
Johnnie Morgan Lowe
Roger B. Lowe
Ed Lynch
Jimmy Mack
Terry Matthews
Jim McCullough
Amy Meyers McFall
James “Jim” McKnight
Robert McMichael
Patricia Means
Bill Meeker
Al Meredith
Jim Miller
Kim-Scott Miller
Anne Merchant Monaghan
Bill Monaghan
John Moran
John Morfit
Bill Murray
Chuck Myers
Marc Nerenstone
Grace Osgood
Angelo “Pappy” Papandreau
Charles Peckham
Annece E. Perry
Penny Peterson
Ed Platt
Arthur Pleasants
Pat Plunkert
Richard Pullen
Cindy Shuba Raiford
David Rose
Marty Rosenfeld
Dan Ruge
Bill Schaffer
Stan Schiffer
Kathy Scholz
William Seely
Jack Silverstone
Renee Silverstone
Jerry Shean
Hal Sloat
Jack Sloat
Marie Holmes Smith
Harrison Somerville
Lou Stancari
Stan Sustersic
Barry Talsky
Duff Thomas
Ron Toms
Ethan Allen Turshen
Jim Uebershorst
Suzanne Walker
Donald Wallace
Richard Wilson
Burton Wood
Henry Woods
Richard “Woz” Wozencroft
Walter Wurfel
Diane Zilinski
Polly Kingston Zink

We apologize if our list is incomplete. We urge those who know of anyone who should be on this list to contact the Hexagon Secretary (, so our permanent list may be complete.

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Show Photos


More Photos Coming Soon!

© Hexagon, INC. “Washington’s Only Original Political Satirical Musical Comedy Revue!” or other rights holders as indicated. Please note all music, lyrics, book, and artwork are copyright the authors and are reproduced, with permission, by You may not reproduce or recreate photos or video in any form.