The Parkinson’s Foundation for the National Capitol Area (“PFNCA”) is an independent, non-profit organization that is not affiliated with any of the many national charities that focus on Parkinson’s. In addition to our annual budget, PFNCA benefits annually from an equal or greater amount of donated services and products, such as space for programming, called in-kind support.

As families and communities cope with COVID-19, PFNCA has been adjusting to the new reality as well. Through it all, our focus is on continuing to provide services to people with Parkinson’s Disease and their care partners – as well as protecting our staff.

Suspended Wellness Classes: In early March, after monitoring the news about the impending spread of the COVID19, we announced that we would temporarily suspend our in-person Wellness Classes. Upon receiving further guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”), we continued to suspend our classes.

Posted Exercise Class Videos Online: After suspending live classes, we developed our own videos for exercise and vocal cord strengthening and uploaded them to our website (

Migrating our PFNCA Symposium Online: On March 11, we announced our annual educational conference – the PFNCA Symposium – would move online and would include lectures about COVID-19. It was a difficult decision for our Medical Advisory Board and staff because our conference not only provides important information, but it also inspires people and shows them that they don’t face Parkinson’s alone.

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