We are still looking for material. We encourage and will welcome submissions until February 25 (and a little later if they are hilarious).

Hexagon is creating its next production Hexagon 2023: The Sedition Edition.

We are looking for sketches, songs, lyrics (parodies included) that are 2-3 minutes long. On any subject. (There is a list below of “possible” subjects but any other subject is absolutely OK .)

We are also looking for newsbreaks – One to two line funny bits or jokes done as a news item. It must have the sound of a serious news item. There is also a screen behind the newsbreak desk so if there is some visual that would enhance the humor, please include it when you submit the newsbreak. Please indicate in your email that it is a newsbreak so I don’t think it is a regular submission. I would like most of the newsbreaks by April 16th. However, newsbreaks can be submitted right up to closing night. The show closes on Saturday April 29. So, if you’re interested send an email to materialscoordinator@hexagon.org.

Possible topics that might get your creative juices flowing include, but are not limited to:

  • Evangelicals
  • Classified papers
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene
  • Kevin McCarthy and the freedom Caucus
  • Recent Movies or TV shows
  • Bitcoin
  • Maryland, Virginia, DC politics, etc.
  • Tom Brady/ Aaron Rogers
  • Prince Harry
  • Revenge
  • Return to office (or not)
  • Micro beers
  • Librarians and banned books
  • DeSantis
  • Reduction of free speech on college campus and elsewhere
  • Giuliani
  • Rep. Jim Jordan
  • Tucker Carlson
  • North Korea
  • Woke
  • McCarthy’s many investigative committees
  • Possible Republican and Democrat presidential candidates
  • Group songs – Zuckerberg, Bezos and Musk or Marjorie Taylor Greene and AOC
  • Politics – both sides
  • Congress
  • Supreme Count
  • DC/MD/VA
  • Metro
  • Traffic
  • Sports teams
  • Selling
  • Ownership
  • Performance
  • Outrageous people
  • Social Media
  • Republican House/divided Gov.
  • Don’t understand your kids job
  • Tik Tok- popular app with young people and a data-harvesting spy tool for the Chinese government
  • pot gummies or Marijuana use in general- Cannabis for all of us!
  • dad bods- a physique regarded as typical of an average father, esp.one that is slightly overweight and not extremely muscular
  • young adults living with their parents again
  • older folks getting tattoos to feel young and hip and then regretting…
  • reality competition spoof- people competing to be the worst of the worst (in any realm you like)
  • zoom: saving and destroying human connection
  • people obsessed with their pets and treating them better than their kids ( chess club, book club, aerobics)
  • reality show to pick the next president: Biden, Trump, DeSantis, Newsom or others
  • pickleball
  • British royalty
  • Ovechkin chasing the Gretsky legacy
  • all the new words in the dictionary
  • moms as zombies: exhausted and overworked 
  • Legalize gambling/ gambling addiction
  •   Autocorrect
  • Twitter Musk or maybe Zuckerberg, Bezos and Musk song
  • Dan Snyder
  • Amazon delivery
  • Annoying calls/emails
  • Anything that annoys you
  • QAnon
  • Classified documents
  • George Santos

How? Email materialscoordinator@hexagon.org with material and links

Watch some clips of past productions on our Youtube channel!

Please respond soon! We expect lots of laughs!