Our next meeting will be January 25 at 7:30 p.m. via Zoom

Hexagon is creating its next production Hexagon 2023: The Sedition Edition.

Possible topics that might get your creative juices flowing include, but are not limited to:

  • Politics – both sides
  • DC/MD/VA – political/social/school boards, etc.
  • Metro
  • Traffic
  • Sports teams
  • Outrageous people
  • social media
  • History
  • Supreme Court
  • Congress
  • Cabinet officials
  • Political figures
  • Marijuana
  • Dr Fauci
  • pickleball

How? Email materialscoordinator@hexagon.org with material and links

Watch some clips of past productions on our Youtube channel!

This year you may write parody – where you write new, humorous lyrics to existing music. For our purposes, a legal definition of parody is “a literary or artistic work that imitates the characteristic style of an author or a work for comic effect or ridicule.”  This definition was acquired from that fount of all legal knowledge – the Internet.

Do You Like Comedy? Satire? Wit? Relevance? Creativity? Charity?
Are you a writer, composer, lyricist, just plain funny, or simply want to VOLUNTEER and be with funny people and help make people laugh?

Well, now’s your chance! Chance for what, you say? To help write Hexagon’s next incredibly funny satirical comedy revue: a combination of sketches and songs, of which the songs are both originals and parodies (that is, funny lyrics to existing tunes).

Think about it. This is your chance to write that hysterical musical number that’s been running around in your head, but never had the time to finish. Or maybe a sketch featuring Donald Trump, Big Bird, and the marines. Or, you’ve got some lyrics looking for a melody, or maybe a catchy tune looking for just the right lyrics. So give it a try – be part of a witty group that likes to poke fun, expose the silliness, hypocrisy, and lunacy of what is going on, and make people laugh. And then see your material on stage!

The show goes up April of 2023.
So if you’re interested send an email to materialscoordinator@hexagon.org. Let us know about your past experience, and attach some copies of or links to your material. We’ll get back to you about the time and place of the party on November 11.

For more info about Hexagon’s long history of making people laugh and of helping DC’s charitable organizations, please check out our Beneficiaries page.

Please respond soon! We expect lots of laughs!